Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde der raviolibar
Die Sommerpause ist vorbei, wir starten in einen heissen Herbst.
Am kommenden Donnerstag 3. Oktober beginnt bei uns die Konzertsaison mit einem Duo aus Texas; Texas Bred Husband/Wife Acoustic Duo

DIvision Men sundown
This Texas bred, Husband / Wife, Acoustic Duo originally formed in Berlin, Germany in 2008. They are now based in Austin, TX. The band is made up of founder J. Spencer Portillo (vocals / acoustic guitar) and Caroline Rippy Portillo (vocals / bass guitar).
The Division Men's name was derived from the idea of artists collaborating from all over the world despite their locations. Originally formed in Berlin in 2008, the duo wrote and recorded and eventually returned to Texas.
Caroline was born in San Antonio, Texas. From 2007 until 2012, she played bass guitar for Tito & Tarantula. J. Spencer Portillo was born in Los Angeles, California but was raised in El Paso, Texas. His El Paso roots offer a huge influence on the lyrics which frequently present atmospheric portraits of love, life and death in a border town.
The Division Men are actively touring and promoting their latest album "Niños Del Sol " which was recorded at their in-home studio in Austin, Texas. The Division Men have a distinctive sound that has been described as dark, romantic, ethereal, and haunting. The album features Rafael Gayol (Leonard Cohen), Steven Hufsteter (The Quick | Tito and Tarantula | Del Shannon), Jay Reynolds (Asleep at the Wheel), Javier Escovedo (The Zeros | True Believers) , Mitch Hertz (Bloody Kids), Raiye Rippy and Jake Garcia (The Black Angels).

Husmann/Tschaeni in der Raviolibar

Vernissage Dienstag 15.Oktober 2019, ab 18 Uhr

Ausstellung 16. Oktober 2019 bis 14. Januar 2020

Wir freuen uns auf die wunderbar, farbige Welt von Husmann und Tschaeni.
Sie zeigen ihre Werke in der raviolibar.
Karte vorne ARISE
A Husmann/Tschaeni artwork stares you in the face. Under the layers of pinks, greens and blues, you sense movement. As if it is watching your back. Suddenly, you feel yourself being drawn into the art, losing focus. „We work backwards ...“ greets you as you enter the gates. A small plaque reads: „A hell of positive energy with a small hint of hidden otherworldly darkness mixed with visual poetry and deep sensitive natural beauty. A daily biological presence combined with absurd undefined monstrous fantasy.“ Whatever it means, you feel impelled to move into this otherworldly place. Huge floating fluorescent orb-kites, perched on top of barely-there stilts, strut around you.
Characters who seem to be built from the back-forward greet you, shake your hand. Fabric, furniture and bodily cells float around in the air. Touching one of the cells, the landscape shifts sideways into flying oils, glitter, crayons. A voice is heard above the chaos: „Our canvas forces us to think backwards ... what's painted can't be painted over“. A feather enters your vision, and as it slowly transforms into an iron glove, you shift again. You now see people who live with cats, goats and fish in an idyllic lake valley. They are making art, the stories of their daily life. The last chapter of their great grandmothers, the birth of kittens, the passing of their goat, fallen trees in the neighbouring forest, the growing of their kids, the disappearing of childhood. Everything that surrounds them soaks into their art. Walking away, a little voice whispers, „welcome to our world“
(Fluoro Magazine, Melbourne 2011)